Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Welcome, welcome. So glad you have found yourself over here and I hope that what you find here gives you food for thought, comfort to the heart or perhaps a bit of both. I've been writting my main blog Nicola Writes for several years now and I've loved the friends and new contacts I've made from it. I've always loved writing (hence Nicola Writes!) and blogging has always been a great outlet for this as well as a place to showcase some of what I've been working on recently and to get some feedback.

Then things took a turn for the stranger and I embarked on a three year trainng course to become a Vicar in the Church of England. This means the bulk of my writing is now essays but I'm still find the creative urge buzzing. I find myself looking for a place to catalogue my writings of a more spiritual nature that are popping up in my new line of work, basically my God Chat!

And so this little part of the internet now exists and I will post here any reflections or sermons I give as well as any other interesting things in the God Chat arena that I think you might be interested in. It will probably be more sporadic that Nicola Writes where I faithfully blog weekly but do stick your email in the little pop out 'Subscribe' box on the left if you'd like an email to ping into your inbox when I add something new.

Thanks for popping by!


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