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If you had sat me down ten years ago and told me I would be writing a blog called 'God Chat' I would have taken you for a mad person. My journey into this weird and wonderful life began where all great things do, in a pub over a glass of wine. Encountering God in the every day has gone on to be a major theme of my faith.

Seven years later and I am training to be an ordained minster in the Church of England. Still relatively green when it comes to the world of church, it is an unexpecteded but wonderful adventure that I blog about over on my now three year old blog Nicola Writes...

Pretty much my singular offering here is that I've fallen head over heels for this God lark and seen my life turned upside down and being filled with more joy that I could ever have imagined. So here I blog, reflect and ponder as this path continues. Do comment, or tweet me @nicolahwriter.

Thanks for stopping by!

Nicola x

Some more about my writing life.....

I write on a freelance basis particularly in the area of development and poverty, topical issues of concern for women and the life of faith. You can see some of my blogs here for Tearfund and some latest guest blogging for She Writes Magazine here.

I’m also a big fan of creative writing and in 2009 I won the Cadaverine/Ilkley Literature Festival Short Story Competition with my story 'When I grow up I want to be a Prophet'. I have also self-published a collection of short stories called Stars in Unexpected Places to raise money for Tearfund, which you can buy here.

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