There is nothing like a good book eh? Here are some of my favourites that have inspired me and fuelled my thinking over the last few years.

The Spiritual Journey

Margaret Silf - Landmarks (a great book for spiritual seekers of all persuasions based on Ignatian Spirituality. I loved it and refer back to it constantly)

Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, Pray, Love (An inspiring read about getting off the treadmill of life to answer some of your bigger questions)

Barbara Taylor Brown - An Altar in the World (Finding God in everything, an enriching book)

Michael Counsell - 2000 Years of Prayer (A huge volume packed full of wisdom and inspiration from Christian writers across the ages)

Mary Batchelor - The Lion Book of Christian Poetry (A great little volume split into seasons of the faith journey)

Personal Development

Margaret Silf - Close to Heart (a handbook on a bunch of interesting prayer techniques from the Christian tradition)

Lynda Field - Weekend Confidence Coach (Straight forward and practical advice about growing in confidence)

Kate Coleman - The Seven Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership (an essential read for any woman in any kind of leadership charting some of the unique challenges for women leading in male dominated environments with some excellent practical help)

Anne Dickson - A Woman in Your Own Right (The 70s classic still has as much to say today about assertiveness as it did then)

Julie Cameron - The Artist's Way (A guide to releasing your inner creative and more importantly giving yourself the permission to explore all the sides of yourself fully)

Inspiration for Life

Desmond Tutu - God has a Dream (A beautifully open and humble book casting a wonderful vision)

John Pritchard - Living Jesus (A challenging call to unity amongst Christians getting to the heart of the revolutionary character that is Jesus)

C.S.Lewis - Mere Christianity (originally broadcast on the radio during the Second World War this book was instrumental in my becoming a Christian. A great insight into what Christians believe from an influential thinker)

Francis Collins - The Language of God (Written by the former head of the Human Genome Project this mind blowing book looks at science and faith and how they can be more comfortable bed fellows than we might think!)

Karen Armstrong - The End of Silence (Charts the history of women in Christianity showing remarkable achievement as well as oppression, a fascinating read)

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